Cidamon–The Company With a Personal Feel

Why Choose Cidamon?

At Cidamon, we know it’s not about clients but relationships. And relationships are built by listening to clients’ needs and giving them a choice of solutions at the best possible price–value ratio.

Who is Cidamon?

How We Began?

Cidamon began as a Pennsylvania partnership, but quickly grew to be a New York based LLC. Why did we change so quickly? The Principals at Cidamon hold individual Masters in design, development as well as information technology. In the multi–browser and multi–email client Web 2.0 landscape, technology is an organic extension of branding, which gave us a distinct advantage. Although we have clients across the country, we needed to go where most of our clients were to build a strong working relationship with our clients.

The Cidamon Mission–Web Access For ALL!

Cidamon’s mission is to author aesthetically sound, standards–compliant, platform–independent, and accessible websites, web applications, and web systems. To help enable “ALL” businesses that need a web presence, Cidamon specializes in open source tools, which are more affordable to implement and also allow quicker customization for our clients.

Technology That Grows Your Brand

Our standard is the current best practices in web development: clean and semantic XHTML markup and the use of unobtrusive scripting through progressive enhancement. By building a firm technology platform, we are able to not only enhance, but also grow your brand’s presence by providing your web site In-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Equally as important, your site can be viewed on variety of platforms, and is not likely to break in future versions of web browsers. Remember, it’s not about today’s browsers but tomorrow’s browsers.

Why is accessibility important?

More accessibility through varied, proper channels translates to more effective SEO. Richard Wurman has effectively pointed out that knowledge today does not lie in possessing information, but rather in possessing the means of accessing it.

Let’s talk about Google. It brought SEO to the forefront. However, the massive demand for “findability” has unfortunately opened a space for dubious practices, such as improperly marked–up web sites or adding additional cost for SEO in design.

Our unique design techniques also incorporates easy inclusion special needs access for your site. By optimizing your web site for these visitors, it further promotes your brand through your site’s presence on screen readers, textual browsers, cell phones, PDAs or other hand–held devices that access the web.

What does all that mean? Accessibility for ALL opens up possibilities for content aggregation, higher search ranking because of it and, ultimately higher visibility of your brand.

Last but not least, governments of countries such as the U.S., U.K., Australia and others are actively passing legislation that specifies the minimum standards of accessibility on web sites for the disabled. For example, all government institutions in the U.S. are required by law to maintain ADA section 508 compliant web sites. At Cidamon, we like to put it this way: Building a brand is also about simply doing what is right.

The Cidamon Promise: We are where Design & Development meet.


Users browsing on Opera, Safari, Firefox, and many others should not be restricted in their web experience only because your web site had been authored with the leading browser in mind (or vice versa). Especially today when the leading browser is not the most popular and user friendly browser in the market.

Cidamon strives to support different browsers to the extent of Yahoo’s A–grade browser support. Cidamon holds platform–independence and future–proofing to be self–evident objectives.

We approach the World Wide Web with an emphasis on “world”, so you will have a web site that promotes your brand and a web site that contributes to the world. Who wouldn’t want that?

We hope we’ve inspired to make you think more about the future of the web, and hope you will join our excitement at making it better for everyone.

Please contact us today.