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Cidamon: Blog: how to edit a file in linux (vi command help)
how to edit a file in linux (vi command help)
28 November, 2008

There are lots of help out there about how to edit a file in linux, how to use vi, vi command list. But what I failed to find is a simple article which will just tell me
how to open a file using vi, go to edit mode and finally get out saving the file. These simple steps are –

1. vi filename; this will open the file using vi
2. then press “i” to start editing
3. when done editing click “ESC
4. type “:” and you will get option to type command.
5. type “w” and press enter to save
6. type “:” to get option to type command and then type “q” and press enter to exit.

I hope this will help some one.


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