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Cidamon: Blog: form.submit doesn't work??
form.submit doesn't work??
22 April, 2008

Often we want some form to submit when an event is triggered from one of the form element. For example if a check box is checked or selection of a drop down list changes, so what we do is we put “this.form.submit()” in the onchange or onclicked events. Well the coding is correct but why doesn’t it work?
It won’t work if you have a submit button in the same form with name “submit”, thats it because then the name “submit” conflicts with the method submit. So what do you do if you need to have a submit button too in your form, simple, don’t use the name submit in the button or simply use “Submit” (with capital “S”) or just add a button and add “this.form.submit()” in the onclick event of that button.
Hope it helps..