The Cidamon Team

At Cidamon, business is built on relationships. It’s the reason our clients stay with us. And it all starts with a simple question, “Tell us about yourself?” So get to know us, and then we’d like to get to know you. Contact us.

Emir Bukva (Principal)

Emir is Cidamon’s senior usability engineer and interface designer. Emir holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in Graphic Design and Applied Technology and a Masters of Fine Arts from Kent State University in Visual Communication Design. Emir specializes in XHTML and CSS with emphasis on web standards compliance and cross browser compatibility. His further specialties are JavaScript, Content Management System (CMS) integration and template development. Emir taught new media and graphic design in the Art Department at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and is currently devoting himself to helping improve people's health through digital products.

Rafi Dowla (Principal)

Rafi is Cidamon’s senior software developer and back-end engineer. Rafi holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Information Technology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Rafi specializes in System Analysis and Prototype Design. He has extensive experience in Project Management, Business Operation Management and Web Application Development. Rafi is equally adept in the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) environment as well as, Windows Sharepoint Services, Microsoft SQL and BizTalk server. He is the author of “What Every Web Designer, Developer and Marketer Needs To Know To Stay Ahead Of The Competition.”

Alessandra “Ale” Casteel

Ale is Cidamon’s senior designer and Flash art director. Ale holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from PUC University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ale has over ten years of multimedia experience in New York, San Francisco and Brazil. Ale’s “cut through clutter” design style has successfully delivered the marketing message for clients in the publishing, healthcare, financial and film production sectors. Prior to joining Cidamon, Ale was at, which is part of “Maxim Magazine’s” entertainment video division.

L. P. Ferrante

L. P. is Cidamon’s Client Service & Online Marketing Manager. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in marketing and communications from Queens College, CUNY, the alma mater of Jerry Seinfeld. His specialty is marketing involving unique video content and viral video campaigns. His experience in social networking and direct e-mail marketing combined with his online media buying experience give him the ability to always be looking around the corner or scanning the horizon for the next best online marketing resource.